Who is This Group For?

It is for you if you're:

Sick and tired of dieting…
At war with how your body looks…

An emotional eater, binge eater, over-eater, or chronic and/or yo-yo dieter…
Have health issues related to digestion, low energy, mood swings and immunity…
Struggling with having a healthy self-esteem and/or confidence…
Curious about your relationship with food and/or body…
Looking to deepen your relationship with their body, even if it’s already “healthy”…

What Body Love Clients Are Saying

“Roz & the group atmosphere allowed me to explore questions I previously had been unable to answer on my own. It allowed me to feel great in front of my husband, even be more confident at work and finally feel worthy of taking care of my needs. I learned to love myself again”

– K. R., Former group participant

“This was a wonderful, supportive group where the participants get as much as they put in. It was great to hear about the life changing breakthroughs the group helped bring about for each other”

– D.C., Former Group Participant

“The tools you provided throughout the 8 weeks along with your support & the support of the group really has made such a huge impact on not only my life, but everyone around me. This is the first year that I have let some barriers down and celebrated Christmas with family members- many of whom I have not seen or spoken to in several years. I walked in with my shoulders back and my head held in the upright position, rather than looking at my feet. I am proud of everything I have been through and who I am today- which is a night and day difference from when I first attended your sessions. What you do for women (and really, everyone in their lives) is truly amazing and you are making such a difference in the world, one woman at a time. Thank you for being you, your amazing support, stories, wisdom, patience and for believing each one of us in the group was worth it.
You. are. fabulous.”

– T.B., Former Group Participant

8 Holistic Body Love Sessions

Week 1: The Great Diet Rebellion!


Week 2: Body Love Nutrient R: Relaxation.

Emotional vs. Belly Hunger


Week 3: Body Love Nutrients: Quality, Awareness, Self-Compassion and Pleasure.

Week 4: Body Love Nutrients: Rhythm and Play


Week 5: Metabolic Power of Your Thoughts & The Divine Feminine


Week 6: Metabolic Power of Your Story


Week 7:  Embodying Your Strong Self in the Real World


Week 8: Celebrating You!

Group Expectations

Group Therapy is a very powerful way to heal struggles. Due to the sensitivity of the subject, developing group safety is critical at the beginning of and at every session. A consent and confidentiality agreement amongst group members will be signed. Participants are encouraged to share their process, however, only to what level they feel comfortable sharing to group.


April 28- June 16, 2017

Every Fridays from 9:30-11:30AM


Momentum Counselling

Suite #200 9562 82 Ave., Edmonton, Alberta,T6C 0Z8 (above Millcreek Cafe).


EARLY BIRD before April 7:

$80/session = $640 total package (Non-Refundable Deposit of $80 required) or 1 Payment of  $600.

After April 7, 2017: $720 total package (Non-Refundable Deposit of $90 required) or 1 Payment of $700.

Receipts will be provided for health insurance claim purposes.


There is a $80 or $90 non-refundable administration fee (depending when you registered) and no refunds of the full fee of $600/640 or $700/720 (depending when you registered) after April 21, 2017.


 Will be supplied and included in cost. Reading material will be requested outside of this cost (approx. $12-15). Details upon registration.


Please contact me, Rosalyn Fung for your free 15 minute consult

by email: info@holisticbodylove.ca

with following information: Full name, DOB, Phone Number, Address

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Space is Limited! 

Learn to Love Yourself & Give Back Too!!!

Holistic Body Love is proud to announce that 10% of proceeds will go to a non-for-profit, Local Youth Experience, to support young girls and boys in building self-confidence, developing their natural gifts, a sense of community & self-love!!!