Wellness Speaker, Consultant & Writer

Rosalyn is enthusiastic about spreading her passion of inspiring and empowering males and females of all ages to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Rosalyn is a speaker, educator and consultant to other health professionals and businesses, workshop creator and facilitator, writer, blogger and recipe creator. Rosalyn offers services in-person, as well as online around the world.

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Rosalyn has experience presenting health and wellness topics at several schools to children and adolescents, Avena Original’s Revitalize Holistic Health Conference, Fitset’s Grand Opening, Breakfast Television, local gyms and yoga studios, and other health-related businesses.

Rosalyn is open for bookings to provide corporate wellness sessions, as well as workshops/talks at local fitness studios and various health clinics for their members/clients/patients.

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Professional Development for Fitness Industry
Businesses and Health Professionals

Rosalyn offers Professional Development for Fitness Industry Studios and Businesses, and Health Professionals & Clinics to help you serve your clients/patients even better by coaching you to be more equipped and confident in supporting your clients mentally and emotionally. In addition, Rosalyn shows you how to prevent burn-out from working with your clients while appropriately supporting them with their concerns and issues.

Rosalyn’s practical, fun and down to earth style makes Professional Development Workshops a great way to learn and gain confidence in new skills.

This service can be offered either live or online anywhere around the world!

Health and Fitness Professionals may include, but not limited to:

Health coaches, Weight Loss Experts and Clinics
Personal Trainers
Yoga, dance & Fitness instructors
Nutritionists & Dietitians
Medical Clinics

Doctors and Naturopathic Doctors
Massage therapists & Body Workers
Weight Loss Experts
And much more!

To help you serve your clients even better! This service can be offered either live or online around the world!

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Grab a tea, and a comfy seat…I love to write articles about my personal experiences with my professional expertise in hopes of inspiring you to lead with pausitivity! 

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“I work from a strength-based approach and believe people are resourceful and resilient. I strongly believe in working collaboratively with clients to discover new perspectives by holistically exploring and creating awareness of clients’ inner strengths and solutions through their own mind, body and spirit.” – Rosalyn