Praise & Body Love Success Stories

Body Love Success Stories

“I am currently finishing up an 8 week program that Rosalyn is facilitating. THIS, beautiful woman, is a super hero. I cannot stress it enough, once you walk into the room, you will feel the energy & positive aura that she exudes. No judgement, so loving & compassionate and very approachable.

I was skeptical at the beginning of our 8 weeks together, but she has transformed my thought pattern & shared so much knowledge with us. We are SO lucky to have Rosalyn as a resource in our city (of Edmonton)”

Lauren S. 

“I have really shifted my mindset when it comes to food.  In particular what I used to consider good or bad food.  As I shared with the group my husband and I started our ‘new’ healthy lifestyle 10 weeks ago.  I’ve lost 33 pounds and it doesn’t seem like it’s as hard as it was the first few weeks. I believe the techniques I’ve learned in your class have really helped me. I’ve slowed down and I approach eating in a very mindful way.  I was actually surprised to think about all the times I ate because I was bored or even just because it was there.  Many times without really thinking about it.  I feel inspired to continue these changes. Thank you very much for helping me.”

~Sherri D., 50 

“Since working with Rosalyn last year, I have not been on a diet in a year (the old me probably would have been on 6-12 diets by now) and guess what?  I’ve lost 13 pounds.  Thirteen pounds, without even “trying”.  Thirteen pounds that my body no longer needed and was really to let go of.

I feel lighter physically, but mostly mentally.  I am no longer carrying around the weight of “not good enough”.  I feel free.  I love myself more and feel more confident in my skin more than I ever have.

~Brandi B., 32

A Couple’s Body Love Success Story:

“Working with Roz has been life-changing for each of us individually, and for our couple relationship. We communicate so much better”.

Penny: I’m no longer punishing myself or in body shame. Instead I feel good about myself and I’m not stressed about losing weight anymore!

Keith: I was skeptical at first, but this has changed my life to be more open because it works. The tools have been the biggest take-aways. I learned how to be more mindful and feel in control of food, and to respect my body. The weight is coming off!

~Penny, 30, Keith, 34

What People are Saying About Roz:

 Workshops & Talks

  • “I’ve never thought of approaching my relationship with food and body this way before!”
  • “I loved Roz’s talk! So well organized, great presentation, and very engaging delivery. I really felt like paying for a presentation of that caliber was well worth it!”
  • “Thank you! Great information and I didn’t want this session to end.”
  • “I will be sure to pass anyone I know who is keen on changing their ways when it comes to how they look at themselves or food if it’s negative and affecting their lives. Your presentation had a great impact on me. I can only imagine what you can achieve one on one. ” ~Noelle Leemburg, Business Coach

 Holistic Body Love 8-Week Live Group

  • “This group changed my life. It has allowed me the freedom to live my life without the constant pain and stress of worrying about my body!”
  • “I was very nervous about the group setting, but it turned out to be the best part.”
  • “Really enjoyed the art process and group check-in at the beginning of each session.”
  • “Thank you very much for setting me on a path to loving myself.”
  • “The bodymapping was powerful, combined with the educational part.”
  • “Roz is so warming and accepting, wanting to help everyone. Thank you for giving me the platform to my new chapter.”
  • “The group was well organized. There was a lot of good information.”
  • “Wonderful experience with great facilitators- I always felt safe.”
  • “My experience has been very nourishing and positive. I feel more solid. And that feels very good.”
  • “It was truly amazing how much these eight weeks have impacted me. I have learned so much about myself and it has been amazing to feel the switch in my mindset, especially after years of eating based on a rigid, prescribed eating plan.”
  • “I think this group would help give many people the help they need to have a healthy relationship with food and their body.”
  • “This was a wonderful supportive group where the participants gets as much as they put in. It was great to hear about the life changing breakthroughs the group helped bring about for some of the participants.”
  • “Roz, the co-facilitators, and group atmosphere allowed me to explore questions I previously had been unable to on my own. It allowed me to have a better understanding of myself, my body, my relationship with food and to love myself again.”
  • “Thank you. I felt hate and disgust towards my physical body- now I’m on a path to loving, forgiving and accepting my mirror image. I’m feeling inspired.”

 Men’s 8-Week Course: Roadmap to Weight Loss and Taking Control of your Health

  • “Having a group of men who could openly discuss their food issues built a level of trust that allowed me to ask for help with issues I have never felt comfortable addressing before.”
  • “The course has allowed me to love food and myself at the same time. I enjoy the act of eating more now than ever – because I can have great food without feeling guilty or deprived.
  • “It has been an enriching experience, much food for thought.”
  • “The best feature of this group was the sharing of personal stories and experiences amongst us men.”

As a Group Facilitator

  • “She was awesome, so genuine and positive. Energy was contagious
  • “Roz is excellent!”
  • “Roz is very caring and encouraging.”
  • “Roz was very responsive and asked questions at the right times.”
  • “Rosalyn is a great leader and provided excellent classes and ideas to solutions.”
  • “Roz your understanding of this issue and your knowledge and experience is so valued. You shine in this group environment.”
  • “Roz was great as a group leader- compassionate, knowledgeable, personable.”
  • “I feel the group discussions wouldn’t have been as rich as they were if Roz didn’t create such a safe and warm environment.”

Fitness, Health and Wellness Professionals, Colleagues & Students...

“We need a skill set that serves our clients! Clients need training and guidance beyond a set of workouts and nutrition advice as you cannot separate the physical from the mental.

“Rosalyn Fung’s session on The Psychological Aspect of Coaching Clients on Disordered Eating and Body Image equipped our coaching team for important discussions with clients and the tools to help us navigate and address these common issues.

“We are spread around the country (even the world) and were fortunate to have Rosalyn facilitate our training online in an efficient and effective manner. Don’t short change your clients and your personal development, get this important training.”

~Erica Willick, Founder and Fitness Coach of Sisters in Shape, Two Time Pro Bikini Champion, Fitness Model & busy mom of two kids

“Right from the start Roz has been a great supporter, partner and ambassador of my local health/fitness startup, Fitset. Her mindset and dedication around holistic health and wellness in the community has made collaborating with her enjoyable and beneficial for me and my company.

“When Rosalyn agreed to help represent Fitset as an ambassador she has whole heartedly incorporated it into her lifestyle. She uses the pass regularly and gives genuine reviews, feedback and advice on how to enjoy a more active lifestyle. She also gives me important feedback on how to make Fitset better overall.

“Many of the great studios that are part of the Fitset pass come from a connection that Rosalyn gave me. I feel lucky to have met Rosalyn and look forward to working and collaborating with her in the future.”

~Tim Gourlay, Co-Founder – Fitset

“Rosalyn is an energetic, passionate and engaging speaker. She connects with participants immediately and on a personal level, while always remaining professional.

“Whether it is a one time workshop or on-going work, individuals will be moved and inspired by Rosalyn’s invitation to transform their own life!”

~Deepika Mittra, Therapist, stress expert, self-care advocate

“Rosalyn has been a mentor to me from the day we first met.  Her positive nature, her willingness to share her knowledge and her laughter just oozed happiness and love. You will not be disappointed when you meet her.

“As a provisional psychologist at Aspirations, she became more than a mentor or colleague, she became my friend. Whenever I would go to her feeling lost, she gently guided me back to a place where I felt reassured again. She believed in my abilities as a therapist so much so, that I felt an amazing sense of willpower to face my next challenge with zest! She inspired me to be my best self! Rosalyn’s gift for reading and understanding people is surpassed only by her love for the people she surrounds herself with and her ability to help those in need.”

~Susan Eapen, Registered Provisional Psychologist, Colleague (and one amazingly wise woman who needs to write a book of “Susanisms!”)

“I have put on a workshop with Rosalyn Fung.  She is full of energy, passion and knowledge.  She gave a spectacular presentation.  I know everyone left having learned something new that they could implement immediately.”

~Shonda Holt BScN,RN, C.H.N. Certified Holistic NutritionistTM

“I wish I had known Rosalyn back when I was struggling from disordered eating and body image issues.  Having taken one of her workshops, attended events with her and following her on Facebook, I can say that I absolutely love her approach!  She’s energetic and positive and makes it easy for you to feel comfortable.  It’s also comforting knowing that Rosalyn went through similar body image issues and she’s very non-judgmental and realistic!  Her passion motivates and inspires you!”

– Richelle Ludwig, C.H.N. Holistic Nutritionist
Empowered Vitality

“Rosalyn is a woman of deep wisdom and strength who infuses passion and creativity in all that she does. She is an innovative thinker who is strongly driven to expand and develop herself personally and professionally in service of inspiring growth and healing in others.”

Linda Bao, MSW, RSW

“Rosalyn has a compassionate and practical approach. She has a heart a mile wide and truly wants the best for her clients. She brings her own life learning, as well as her extensive training to her work.”

Kara Deringer
Founder of Edmonton Holistic Chamber of Commerce, and People for the People Conference

“Rosalyn Fung has a unique approach to helping people empower their relationship with food and body image. I have known many people who have worked with her either individually or in a group setting, and they have all expressed how grateful they are for her guidance and for their new approaches and perspectives to these challenges. Whenever anyone mentions feeling stressed out about their relationship to food or body image, I always let them know about Rosalyn Fung and the great work that she does!”

Genevieve Boyer, Registered Acupuncturist, B.Sc., FABORM
Registered Acupuncturist also practicing Craniosacral Therapy
Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

“Rosalyn Fung is a full-hearted, motivational, and inspiring leader that lives to serve others around her.  I was a 12-year-old girl when I first met Rosalyn who was one of my black-belt karate instructors. As a little girl, I would admire her talent and enjoyed being infected with her positive energy. She always had a smile on her face and showed so much motivation to improve herself to the smallest details and tried to pull everyone else around her up to the top with her. I remember when I was a beginner, I found it hard to keep up during running laps around the Dojo, and she would pat me on the back in passing and say “come on, you can do it”. She made me feel seen, and it helped me to push myself harder. She was even so big-hearted to offer me rides home after class instead of letting me take the bus in the dark. Small things like that just show how caring a person can be.

“Rosalyn has always seemed to have a holistic perspective in life as evidence by the balance she has shown as she has adventured through her own. I had the pleasure of working as her student for 5 years in karate, and she is just one of those characters you seem to never want to forget. Recently, I had come across on my Facebook newsfeed that she had published an article in Wellness Magazine on Holistic Body Love. After I had read the article, I was so compelled to message her of how much her article reached me as I was struggling through some of my own personal problems. She messaged me back with words of encouragement, which helped me feel better. Her article helped me to identify some areas in my life that could bring me balance. In reading her article, I could see her personality shine through, just as I had remembered her in karate. It gave me insight into the beautiful person that I had admired as a kid, and how her words came from a place of real experience. Some people you just cannot help but look up to them.”

Previous karate student of Rosalyn’s

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