Hello Love!

I am retiring from my psychological practice and jumping into Self-Love Coaching full force! Whoohoo!!!

So as a coach, I get to me more creative in how I support my clients which allows me to be LIMITLESS. My coaching clients still get all my skills, tools, love and joy that I have in my role as a therapist, AND get to feel like I am in your back pocket!

Coaching is truly more in alignment of  how I want to show up in the world as a healer – I’ve noticed how much more effective I am as a coach due to the way I can play more FULL OUT in having clients feel like I can be in their back pocket, something that being a clinical psychologist does not allow due to regulations and formalities.

So if you are ready to live a life without LIMITS, I’m here to help you empower yourself to do just that!

I’ve learned that I don’t fit in the box and I’ve found a way to match my style of helping my clients create quicker results and transformations!

I am open to offer personal development and/or business development coaching.

Please check out personal and business coaching for entrepreneurs here

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“I work from a strength-based approach and believe people are resourceful and resilient. I strongly believe in working collaboratively with clients to discover new perspectives by holistically exploring and creating awareness of clients’ inner strengths and solutions through their own mind, body and spirit.” – Rosalyn