Holistic Nutritional Psychology

My Approach in Holistic Nutritional Psychology is a combination of
Eating Psychology + Positive Psychology + Mindfulness + Family Systems Neuroscience Psychology

My approach as a therapist in supporting you to work through your eating, body and health challenges is first of all, seeing you as a whole person in mind, body, spirit. I genuinely believing that you have perfectly good reasons to do what you’ve been doing and you may be doing the best you can with what you know up until now. It’s that survival part of you that helped you get to where you are today. And now…this way of being, living and carrying yourself no longer serves you – it actually may be limiting you in one or many aspects of your life.

feather-bullet CONNECTION

I can help you uncover the meaning of your behaviors and patterns, your (now limiting) core beliefs, discover new tools, and shift to new beliefs so that you can finally feel normal, free and peaceful with food and your body. 

I can teach you to understand how your digestion, assimilation of foods, metabolism, and all the nutritional functions of your body are directly impacted by who you are as an eater. That is, how you approach food, how you think about it and how you feel about it. It’s the mind, food and body connection.

I also love hands-on work (called experiential therapy). This means, I don’t just like to tell you about new tools, I love to SHOW you and walk you through how to use your new tools!

feather-bullet FOCUS

This can include meal support therapy, in which we experience eating mindful meals together in our sessions. It if focused on the moment-to-moment basis of eating a meal and processing the fears, anxiety, shame and other emotions that arise from eating (in most cases with my clients who suffer from disordered eating, it is eating their version of “bad or forbidden” foods, not the act of eating itself).  I support you to make shifts emotionally, mentally, behaviorally when it comes to eating so that you learn how to finally can feel normal when it comes to food.

I am also a proud Certified Hakomi Therapist, which is a mindfulness based approach to counseling clients from “everyday” concerns to “trauma-related events”), it is deeply important to me to incorporate this aspect of mindfulness into my work.

Mindfulness is what awakens us to new possibilities of carrying ourselves in way that feels true and authentic to who we want to be.  

I am currently training to be a Certified Nutritional Therapist (pls put in teal/fuscia), in which I can help you understand how food, environment and lifestyle impact your cells, DNA and genes.  I also consider epigenetics in my work, which is the scientific study of how environmental signals select, regulate and modify your gene activity.  Essentially, how you live (i.e., what you eat, drink, do, touch, feel, breathe in), what you believe and perceive, and how you live- all have an impact on you!

feather-bullet PREPAREDNESS

Many of you may feel overwhelmed about food and what to make when it comes to making delicious, healthy, balanced meals quickly, simply and conveniently. Being a busy women myself with my own private practice and a mother of two young children, I know how overwhelming it can be to make time to shop, plan, prep meals.

I combined my clients’ concerns about being so overwhelmed and my own love for experimenting with food and created a recipes section to inspire and show you that meal plan and prep does not have to be so overwhelming.

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