Tired of the Seemingly Unending Battle
with Food and Your Body?

Holistic Body Love will help you Discover...

Freedom with Food,
Fearless Body Confidence, and
Being Your Own Best Friend!

So, What Exactly is the Holistic Body Love Program Package?

Holistic Body Love Program helps you learn how to live in a happy, peaceful and empowered relationship with food, your body image, and your whole Self in mind, body and spirit.

No more dieting or feeling out of control around food, no more self-sabotaging and no more living in body-shame!

It’s about understanding the connection between your thinking, your body and food so that you can discover true freedom forever!


The Holistic Body Love Package includes 1 Coaching Call & the 6-Week E-Course! 

Who Is Holistic Body Love For?

It’s for those of you who…

  • Fear keeping certain foods in the house because you lack control.

  • Feel guilty or bad after realizing you ate half a bag of chips or cookies.

  • Get anxious and overwhelmed about how to “stay on track” when you’re at social events.

  • Get frustrated trying on millions of outfits and can’t find one to wear.

  • Are sick and tired of chronic or yo-yo dieting, and want to just feel normal around food.

  • Are addicted to the scale

  • Are confused about physical versus

    emotional hunger.

  • Are holding yourself back from dating or intimacy because you feel too self-conscious.

  • Want to find crazy body love confidence and see food as no.big.deal. Like, seriously!

What Makes Holistic Body Love different?

Strategies with Scientific Backing & Proven Results

As a Registered Psychologist with a Holistic Wellness and Clinical practice, the tools and strategies implemented into this program are heavily drawn from the various areas of my educational background including Eating Psychology, Hakomi (a mindfulness approach to helping you unlock your Truths), Family Systems, Attachment-Trauma, and Nutritional Therapy.

The tools provided have been proven effective in many clinical research studies, as well as in my practice with many of my clients.

Caring & Compassionate Approach

As a human being that completely understands what it’s like to suffer and heal from disordered eating and body image issues from my own personal experience, combined with my professional clinical experience in working with over hundreds of clients live and online, this program has been created with the top strategies and tools that I have noticed are extremely beneficial to helping people make deep shifts from the inside out.

Cutting-Edge Approach

It’s not just about weight loss and it’s definitely NOT another diet! In fact, this program is ANTI-DIET and it’s about rebelling against the diet culture!! It’s about learning how to reclaim your WHOLE life and learn how to STOP feeling confused, guilt, shame, chaotic, out of control and (insert your negative emotion here) around food, and instead bring a sense of “normal” into your relationship with food.

This is an inside-out transformation, so that you learn step by step how to change your thoughts and emotions when it comes to how you perceive your body image. A key part of this process is to learning how to stop beating yourself up, and start respecting your body.

This is LIFE changing…FOREVER.

My bold claim of experiencing Holistic Body Love FOREVER is because it’s YOUR CHOICE…you can have freedom forever. If you think about it, you’ve so far have been thinking “forever” in how you are in your relationship with food and your body….what if you changed the way you think and approach food and your body? If you change your thinking, AND the key is applying the knowledge that is taught to you CONSISTENTLY so that you break your disempowered and destructive ways of thinking about food, body and yourself.

With practice of your new learning, you can shift your mindset FOREVER. But the key is, it’s UP TO YOU to practice consistently!  😉

Six Body Love Modules


The Great Rebellion Diet!

Value: $300.00

  • Understand why and how it’s not your fault you have challenges with food and body image (yes, it’s really not because you don’t have any willpower!)
  • Adopting a new way to think about HOW to approach food, body image and You that honors who you are as a person.
  • The Impact of Stress on your Relationship with food and Your body
  • Learn to use powerful strategies you already have inside of you and you can use anywhere, anytime and anyplace!

Unlock the Power of Your Brain to Weight Loss

Value: $300.00

  • Learn about the power of your Amazing brain and techniques to help you feel more in control of food
  • Discover the difference between the physical hunger and emotional hunger.
  • Distinguish between normal eating, intuitive eating and mindful eating.
  • Get equipped with tools to cope with emotional hunger

Making Friends with Food!

Value: $400.00

  • Learn why labeling foods as good or bad is hindering you when it comes to having a normal relationship with food.
  • Learn the psychological aspects and nutritional properties that different foods hold and how to use them to your advantage to beat cravings and emotional eating.
  • How to recover from a “really bad” food binge.

Fearless, Body Love Confidence

Value: $500.00

  • Explore and understand how shame, body image and weight have become linked together
  • Learn Roz’s step-by-step system on how to de-link your negative self-talk and feelings when it comes to body image and weight.
  • Working through resistance to body image work because the myth is that your body will not change or you will get “fat” or “fatter”, when this is so far from the truth! Hint: You can still look like you eat the same foods as when you’re “dieting”, the BIGGEST difference is psychological!
  • Empower yourself with tools and strategies to build Body Love Confidence!

Meet Your Inner Diva

Value: $225.00

  • Examine the deeper psychological aspects of yourself when it comes to food and body image to unlock your inner Divine Goddess.
  • Learn a NEW psychological approach to nutrition and exercise to support your physical health.

Holistic Body Love in the Real World

Value: $225.00

  • How to face your fears of what others think about you, and build your Body Love Confidence in a society that is so appearance and body-conscious focused.
  • Strategies to deal with triggers and negative and unsupportive people.
  • Skills and exercises to practice and take your newfound Body Love Confidence anywhere in any context!


I'm Ready to Discover...

Freedom With Food,

Fearless Body Confidence &

Being My Own Best Friend!

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Here's What You'll Get!!!

Holistic Body Love Online Program includes a full curriculum of the Six Body Love Modules described above that will be delivered through live webinars with me, Rosalyn, and PDF resources, all to empower you to heal in your relationship with food and body image.  All sessions can be streamed or downloaded to your computer, tablet or mobile device and listened to at any time.

There will also be a live question and answer period after each lesson.

Each session will be recorded incase you miss it live and/or for unlimited replay so you can really process the information again and again. Typically, when we hear things for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. time, we get to pick up on new learning that we may have missed the first time and this deepens your learning and as a result, helps you anchor those new mindset shifts!

You can expect to have each module recordings accessible 24 hours after the live webinar.

1 Coaching Call with Rosalyn!

Value: $250.00

This call is to support you further to see how you can implement the tools from this program into your life!

Exclusive Online Program Lifetime Access!

Value: Priceless!

All program materials will be released on an online members site that is password protected for Holistic Body Love Online Program purchasers only. This exclusive area will include all recorded lectures, PDF handouts, suggested practices, as well as additional resources including suggested book titles, links, and articles that are additional supports to help you embody Holistic Body Love…Forever!

Exclusive Access to Online Community Support!

Value: $1,000.00

I’m a HUGE believer in having support to create success! As part of the course, I have created a Secret Facebook Community Page that is by invite only to those who are part of my Holistic Body Love In-Person and Online Programs! This will be a page that is meant to keep the conversation going about the content in the program so that you can inspire, cheerlead and support one another. It will also be a place where you can share your struggles, feelings, challenges, successes and triumphs when it comes to food, body image, weight and other health concerns! Please note joining this community is optional but not necessary for your success. I am a HUGE believer in creating a supportive community to enhance your learning. 🙂

Body Love Success Stories

watercolor heart

Sarah, 29 years old, Holistic Body Love Member

“Roz has helped me learn how to stop beating myself up and instead, have positive self-talk. I learned to respect my body and love what I see in the mirror now. I am able to be proud of who I am. I am more confident and open to my husband and my family”.

 Sophie, 43 years old, Holistic Body Love Member

“This knowledge changed my life. It has allowed me the freedom to live my life without the constant pain and stress of worrying about my body!.”


A Couples’ Body Love Success Story

Penny, 30 and Keith, 34

“Working with Roz has been life-changing for each of us individually, and for our couple relationship. We communicate so much better”.

Penny: I’m no longer punishing myself or in body shame. Instead I feel good about myself and I’m not stressed about losing weight anymore!

Keith: I was skeptical at first, but this has changed my life to be more open because it works. The tools have been the biggest take-aways. I learned how to be more mindful and feel in control of food, and to respect my body. The weight is coming off!

I'm Ready to Discover...

Freedom With Food,
Fearless Body Confidence &
Being My Own Best Friend!

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Who This Program is Not For:

If you are…

  • Looking for a quick fix or another diet to lose weight.
  • Not ready to put the work into this to look at deeper aspects of yourself.

What if I have an Eating Disorder or a Clinical Diagnosis?

If you have any clinical diagnosis, this program alone will not be sufficient. The program content will be helpful in helping you start to shift the way you think about food and your body image, however, it is critical you receive support from a local therapist in addition to taking this program.


Is this Program Refundable?

We have a 30 Day money back guarantee. If you show and prove that you are going through the materials and doing the work by sharing your insights, challenges, and questions in the Secret Facebook Group, show that you are open to coaching feedback, and NOTHING starts to change in your mindset and behaviours, then a refund can be issued.

Can my Young Daughter Take this Program too? 

YES! I’ve designed this program so mothers and daughters can do it together! The material is intended for females age 14 and up (for those girls want to do solo). For girls younger than 14, if done together with a trusted parent, this could be a really great opportunity to grow together.

I encourage mothers to go through this program on their own first so to process their own learning, and then go through it again with your daughter(s) so to support her/them. Parents can use their own discretion based on the maturity of their teen if this program would be suitable for them.

Taking this program can allow encouragement of healthy behaviours and conversations about food and body image in the family!

Can my partner take this Program with me? 

YES! Your partner can take this with you as 80% of the material is geared towards both genders. Taking this program with your partner would be a great way for you both to support each other to feel more empowered in your relationship with food and body!

I work with couples, where often, the wife brings the partner in because she wants him/her to be a support person – to understand what she is going through, so that s/he knows how to support her. I find even the partners, who do not struggle in their relationship with food (or think they do!) even start to realize some things about themselves that they have never thought about before and together, couples can engage in healthier habits!

Now That I Have All the Information, and All this Resonates with Me…
I’m Ready to Experience Holistic Body Love…Forever!!!

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