Self-Love Transformational Coaching

Transform Yourself from Inside Out

As a Self-Love Transformational Coach, I am PASSIONATE about supporting you to:

  • Break free from food and body shame and struggles by shifting deep, limiting core beliefs
  • Feel Confident and love the skin you’re in
  • Lose unhealthy weight & keep it off!
  • Speak and act kindly to yourself as if you are your own best friend
  • Be empowered in your relationship with money, so you can have financial abundance & prosperity
  • Get out of your own way so you can rock your business (if you’re an entrepreneur), and/or be a more present partner, parent and friend
  • Be the BEST VERSION OF YOU so you can THRIVE in LIFE!


What is Coaching?

Coaching is becoming one of the leading tools and strategies that people are using in order to successfully enhance their lives further and allow them to lead an abundant life in mind, body and spirit.


The coaching relationship is an equal partnership that allows you room to grow while being accountable so that you can live the life you want to live and to achieve the goals that you would like to meet.


What are the Coach’s Responsibility?

  • To clarify and help you set your goals
  • To come up with a clear plan to work towards your goals
  • To identify your blocks and obstacles (ie. limiting core beliefs), and help you shift them and develop new affirmative beliefs
  • To hold you accountable and keep you focus on your goals
  • To help you see when you are in your unhelping patterns
  • To ask you to do more than you would have probably done on your own
  • To show you the tools, guidance and structure to achieve your goals


How is Coaching Different from Psychological Services (Counselling/ Therapy)?

Although both involve deep, transformative work, coaching is not counselling or therapy which tends to focus on mental health and clinical issues. Coaching focuses on developing a mindset to achieve your goals. However, coaching does use techniques derived from clinical psychology.

Coaching is more action-oriented and solution-oriented and focuses primarily on both the present and future, although there will be exploration of the past to understand current limiting core beliefs.

As a Coach, we can work with anyone internationally. As a Registered Psychologist, we can only provide counselling or therapy within our boundaries of our province/state.


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