Group Coaching Call Booster Sessions

Needing some extra inspiration and accountability in your health and fitness journey? Have some questions about how to get unstuck? Join me on my Holistic Body Love Group Coaching Call Booster Sessions! 

How to Cope with Stress Without Food

Value: $200.00

Understanding how to raise your awareness to stress levels and do something about it proactively.

How to deal with parenting, work, relationship and PMS stress without food!

Tools and skills to practice TOGETHER

Top 10 foods to eat to beat emotional eating

Reflection exercises to help you dig deeper during this call

Question & Answer Period

The Art of Joyful Discipline

Value: $200.00

How to Cultivate “Willpower” and “Inspiration”: Scientifically proven and practical ways to cultivate Willpower & Inspiration!

How to Stay “on track” to nourish your body with more ease so that you can reach your health goals, whether that’s weightloss, fatloss, building muscle, etc.

Reflection exercises to help you practice during this call

Question & Answer Period

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) on Food

Value: $200.00

If you find yourself out of control when your colleagues bring baked goods to work, or you cannot seem to keep chips or baked goods in your house for fear of binging or overeating on them, or you find yourself overindulging at social gatherings, this webinars for you!

You will understand what is FOMO and why it happens

How to stop letting FOMO control your life

Reflection exercises to help you dig deeper during this call

Question & Answer Period

How to Speak more Positively to Yourself

Value: $200.00

How to stop beating your body and yourself up

How to cultivate kindness to your body and yourself

Exercises to practice together during this call so you can apply into your life

Question & Answer Period

Save money and get all 4 Group Coaching Call Sessions for $97!

Value: $800.00

What You’ll Get

The format of the calls will be webinar style. We will open Holistic Body Love style, with a short-guided meditation so that you can get into a grounded space to optimize your learning. Then the learning begins! It will be interactive “workshop” style so there will be reflection questions and exercises to do live.  We will open up the floor (people will have access to see who is on the attendee list and chat box), and I can open up the mic to have people share and/or ask questions about the topic of the webinar.

I allot the group coaching call for an hour, but of course this is flexible, so if there are lots of questions, we can extend it to 90 minutes. We will close with a mindful meditation so that your take-aways can anchor in some more and be ready to applied in your real life! 🙂

Group coaching calls will be recorded for those of you who are not able to make it live. Questions can be submitted to me via email ahead of time.

Dates & Times

All calls will be at 9:30-10:30am MST

Saturday, May 14, 2016 – How to Cope with Stress Without Food

Saturday, June 25, 2016 – The Art of Joyful Discipline

Saturday, Sept 3, 2016 – Fear Of Missing Out (on Food)

Saturday, Oct 1, 2016 – How to Speak more Positively to Yourself


Life Time Access 

VALUE: Priceless! 

You will receive lifetime access to these group coaching call sessions!


Is This Program Claimable Under My Private Health Benefits? 

YES, it is possible! This is considered a Psychological Service because this is in live format  (receipts will be provided for the dates of the live group coaching calls only). However, talk to your private insurance company and your accountant to see if the Holistic Body Love Group Coaching Sessions qualifies to be covered through your Health Spending Account and other tax-deductible medical spending accounts, as various health benefit plans have different types of coverage.

Please note I am a Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta only. You will have to specify this to clarify if your Health Benefits will cover this program package.

Please keep in mind that this program is NOT a substitute for clinical therapy, however this program can be a supplement to therapy.

If you need a receipt with specific information stating “Psychological Services – Mentoring Session” and the dates of each live mentoring session to claim under your health plan, please contact once you have purchased the program. We will gladly send you a receipt!

Please note that these group coaching call sessions DO NOT replace 1 on 1 counselling/therapy sessions with a psychologist, or consultations with a medical health care professional.
 Is this Program Refundable? 
Sorry, there are no refunds available.

Can my partner and children listen in on these Group Coaching Sessions with me? 

Absolutely! The more positive talk that happens around food and body image, the better!!! 🙂


Save money and get all 4 Group Coaching Call Sessions for $97!