Mapping Your Strong Self Program

Beating yourself up a lot?

Can't stand to see yourself in the mirror?

Struggling with seeing your body in a positive way?

Join me in this personal development course to uncover the unconscious strengths and wisdom your body holds.

Learn about a different, deeper perspective about your amazing body by accessing it's wisdom through creativity, art and play!

So, What Exactly is the Mapping Your Strong Self-Program?

It's an expressive arts E-Course where I will guide you step-by-step to explore and think about your body in ways you most likely haven't yet!
Expressive Arts is a method that can call upon our deeper, intuitive knowing so that we can bring our own wisdom into our consciousness. Doing so, will invite you to discover more strengths and insights about yourself to feel more empowered in Self-Love!

This is all about discovering yourself from the inside!


This Program Is For You If…

  • You want to stop beating yourself up for your appearance.

  • You are wanting to learn how to perceive yourself in a positive way.

  • You want to discover your inner (unconscious) strengths and learn to honor your uniqueness. 

  • You are holding yourself back from dating or intimacy because you feel too self-conscious.

  • You want to find crazy body love confidence right now!

  • You may already have a healthy relationship with food, body image and Self, and you want to do some personal development work! 

Here's What You'll Get!!!

Exclusive Online Program Lifetime Access!

All program materials will be released on an online members site that is password protected for Holistic Body Love Online Program purchasers only. This exclusive area will include all recordings, PDF handouts, suggested practices, as well as additional resources including suggested book titles, links, and articles that are additional supports to help you embody Holistic Body Love!

Exclusive Access to Online Community Support!

I’m a HUGE believer in having support to create success! As part of the course, I have created a Secret Facebook Community Page that is by invite only to those who are part of my Holistic Body Love In-Person and Online Programs! This will be a page that is meant to keep the conversation going about the content in the program so that you can inspire, cheerlead and support one another. It will also be a place where you can share your struggles, feelings, challenges, successes and triumphs when it comes to food, body image, weight and other health concerns! Please note joining this community is optional but not necessary for your success. I am a HUGE believer in creating a supportive community to enhance your learning. 🙂

I'm Ready to Discover...


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What Materials Will I Need?

You will need dollar shop materials such: as crayons, paint, brushes, pencil crayons, markers. (Note: You do NOT need to have all, just some kind of colouring materials).

  • A big sheet of paper with dimensions of about 4ft in width and about 2 inches more than your height (from art supply store or usually free from your local newspaper publisher).  You can also put together pieces paper to create a big sheet.
  • An open mind!  🙂

Who This Program is Not For:

If you are…

  • Looking for a quick fix or another diet to lose weight.
  • Not ready to put the work into this to look at deeper aspects of yourself.

What if I have an Eating Disorder or a Clinical Diagnosis?

If you have any clinical diagnosis, this program alone will not be sufficient. The program content will be helpful in helping you start to shift the way you think about food and your body image, however, it is critical you receive support from a local therapist in addition to taking this program.

Is This Program Claimable Under My Private Health Benefits?

Each insurance company is different so you will have to check into this for yourself. Please note that this program is considered a product.

Is this Program Refundable?

Sorry, there are no refunds available, as it is a live mentoring online course and materials will be accessible for lifetime after each session.

Can my Young Daughter Take this Program too? 

YES! I’ve designed this program so mothers and daughters can do it together! The material is intended for females age 14 and up (for those girls want to do solo). For girls younger than 14, if done together with a trusted parent, this could be a really great opportunity to grow together.

I encourage mothers to go through this program on their own first so to process their own learning, and then go through it again with your daughter(s) so to support her/them. Parents can use their own discretion based on the maturity of their teen if this program would be suitable for them.

Taking this program can allow encouragement of healthy behaviours and conversations about food and body image in the family!

Can my partner take this Program with me? 

YES!  Taking this program with your partner would be a great way for you both to support each other to feel more empowered in your relationship with your bodies!

Now That I Have All the Information, and All this Resonates with Me…
I’m Ready to Discover my Strong Self Now!!!

Please read & understand business terms here.