Holistic Body Love Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc. Affiliate Program!

I’m a huge believer in professionals working and supporting each other in business for our clients!

I believe in a team approach where a person should have various resources to access (Holistic Nutritionists, Personal Trainers, Doctors, Accupuncturists, Yoga Instructors/Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Life Coaches, Eating Psychology Coach, and other Fitness and Health Professionals). The list goes on, there are no limits regarding professionals who can join! 🙂 

This program applies internationally. 

For this reason, the Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc. Affiliate Program was created!!!

How Does the Affiliate Program Work? 

When you send a referral that enrolls in the Holistic Body Love 6-Week Online Food, Body Image & Self-Love  Transformational  E-Course, you will receive 30% commission!

To join the Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc. affiliate program just sign up here

After you sign up, you’ll get a welcome email. Be sure to keep that email!

***Important Note: Please note that this program is separate and not associated with the psychological clinical services of Holistic Body Love.  It is part of Holistic Body Love Coaching Services. 


How to Make Holistic Body Love Programs Known:

  • The best way is to first get to know each other and understand each other’s philosophies and professional approaches to ensure we are aligned. You are welcome to email me or schedule a call here.  I always love to get to know other professionals so I can refer out too! 🙂 It’s also extremely important to get to know my services to make sure it is a good fit for clients, and you would know what to look for if specific issues about weight, body image or food concerns came up.
  • Let’s get connected on Social Media and share Holistic Body Love’s posts often so your clients can get familiar with Holistic Body Love! 

Facebook: Holistic Body Love Coaching & Psychology

Twitter: @RosalynFung

Instagram: # or @ holisticbodylove

Follow my Blog to reblog posts: Pausitivity 

  • Post up posters of upcoming Holistic Body Love events in your office/gym – make it easy and accessible for your clients to view.
  • If you’re in the local area of Edmonton, display Holistic Body Love’s brochures and cards visibly so clients who may be interested can take them.

Please Do Share my Affiliate Program with your colleagues and other Health Professionals! Together, we can serve our clients and this world in a bigger and better way! 

Thanks for your interest and support to help Holistic Body Love Coaching Inc. serve the world in more impactful way! 🙂